Juntech Healthcare Material Co., Ltd was established in 2010 with its manufacturing factory located in Jiaxing of Zhejiang, and sales office in Shanghai.

                            The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing medical and sports tapes and bandages, medical tourniquets and wound dressing products. After several years efforts and accumulation, the company has built a strong competitiveness and reputation in the main business area-tape and bandages. Also,Juntech Company is committed to in production of various kinds of face masks, such as KN95 folding masks,Disposable masks,PM2.5 masks, Face mask with Valve, civil disposable Face Masks etc. Through the relationship with global companies worldwide, our products have succeeded in the areas of healthcare, sports, retail, and veterinary. 

                            Our company has two highly-automated adhesive coating lines and one fabric treatment line which can produce tape and bandage products with very consistent and reliable quality. We have also an industry leading adhesive formula R&D center which can develop adhesion performance that meets the customized requirements from the different application areas.

                            The company has built a QDC (Quality, Delivery, Cost) culture and our mission is delivering quality products and services in a cost-effective manner. Our company is ISO 13485 and Social Accountability certified. Our products are FDA registered and we are CE compliant. We have also cFDA registration. We have capability to research and determine the regulatory pathway for our products for all the markets in the world.

                            Juntech Healthcare will persist in the company culture and management philosophy- 'Constant Innovate, Increase Investment, People Oriented, Quality Priority', focus on market and customers, keep promoting and developing, contribute its ability to benefit the world and mankind.

                            Copyright: Shanghai   Juntech  Healthcare  Materials   Co.,   Ltd. Record number: 浙ICP備2021038036號Technical support: Shi De Wei Technology

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